We want YOU for a Michelin Career

Are you interested in a career at Michelin? Before you apply, read on to learn what it takes to work with us.

If there’s one quality that truly sums up Michelin, it’s  innovation . We’re always looking for ways to offer customers the most cutting-edge products and services, and this innovation translates to the job search as well. During the recruitment process , you’ll notice that we do things a little differently at Michelin.

Instead of asking for your five strengths and weaknesses or demanding that you have a specific diploma or qualification, we’re more interested in knowing who you are and what unique qualities you can bring to the company. Your recruiter might ask you how a previous job formed your work ethic, how you succeeded on a past project or how a work challenge helped you grow professionally.

We want to know how past experiences have shaped how a person will make decisions in the future

Bruno Chabrol, a recruiter at Michelin

« People with potential »

But the interview process at Michelin is more than just looking at your past. We also want to know if you share  our values in the present. One of the most important is respect – of clients, shareholders, people, facts and environment. And we’re always on the lookout for people who are motivated to not only attain a specific position but to develop themselves personally and professionally.

We recruit people with potential, who can fill various roles, learn quickly and want to evolve in their profession.

Laurent Lemonnier, Director of Recruitment France

Part of this evolution is the ability to adapt on the job – that means having a diverse skill set to handle any task or meeting the challenges of working in a multicultural environment.

And at Michelin, you’ll never be out there on your own – teamwork is essential to the job and we’re always looking for people who enjoy working with others and understand that there is strength in numbers!