Michelin’s two-wheel tire division: for biking lovers

Are you a fan of road cycling? Do you enjoy zipping down the road on two wheels? When you work with Michelin’s two-wheel tire products, you get to know how biking works from the very core.

“Michelin’s expertise can be found in all segments within the biking division,” says Nora Vass, Marketing Manager in Michelin’s Bicycle Tires division. “From road biking and high-performance tires to mounting biking and tires with excellent grip.”

Amongst the two-wheel products, the new Wild Race’R Enduro Rear tire has been specially created with mountain biking in mind. Michelin’s research and development team found a way to combine maximum grip with long-lasting performance. For competition-level bikers, these tires can help shave off seconds as well as contribute to better precision, braking and security.

For road biking, Michelin has created the PRO4 Endurance and PRO4 Service Course tires – a high performance product with competitors in mind. These tires are made with sleek, high-density materials using the latest technology. In addition, they can be easily removed and repaired during competition.

But Michelin tires aren’t reserved for high-level competitors. “The tires we offer to competitors are the same as the ones we sell to the public,” says Vass. “That’s part of Michelin’s strategy – anyone can buy the same tires as a grand champion.”

Still, athletes are a big part of Michelin’s motivation. Vass says developers work directly with them to make sure tires are created with competitors in mind. This research has led to the company’s invention of the foldable bike, the Bi-Compound for maximum grip and other top of the line technologies.

Michelin’s two-wheel tires have always existed and there’s a reason – it’s a clear winner!