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How is Michelin creating a safe work environment in the current sanitary context?

Agata Trzcianowska - Michelin HR Central Europe HR Manager

Crises are an integral part of life. Changing trends, customer needs, growing competition, new management standards - all these factors make up a manager's everyday life.
However, the crisis caused by the pandemic is different from all crises known to date. The COVID-19 epidemic slowed down the economy, led to the forced isolation of people, and accelerated many investments in new technologies. Most of us had to quickly and efficiently switch to a new work mode. This is an unprecedented situation in which we had to find our bearings quickly.

Agata Trzcianowska - Michelin HR Central Europe HR Manager

by: Laura Suciu, Recruitment Coordinator

The main value that Michelin abides by is respect and respect for its employees comes first. In line with our values and our culture, we prioritized the health and safety of our employees and we managed to overcome the difficult lockdown times by caring for people, nurturing communication and good team relations. During these hard times, we managed to adapt swiftly to all the necessary safety measure in all our sites so that everyone can be protected and be able to manage their daily activities.

Since both our employees and customers are facing an unknown, rapidly changing global environment, our key message is to keep the positive attitude, continue to collaborate and #StayATeam, together for any future challenges.

We would like to thank to Agata Trzcianowska, Michelin Central Europe HR Manager, Isabella Candescu, SP Plant Responsbile Floresti and Cristian Lazar, SP Responsible Zalau for contributing to this article.

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