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Michelin Romania gets certified as Top Employer for the second year in a row, after the in-depth analysis of the prestigious Top Employer Institute in The Netherlands.

The highest score was obtained by Michelin at the categories Business Strategy and Leadership. For Business Strategy, Top Employer team analyzed the way the employees are involved in the understanding and implementation process of the company’s strategy and for Leadership, the Institute looked at the existing leadership model of the organization and how it is used to ensure the professional growth of the employees.

Every year, the Institute analyzes companies through a detailed assessment of its people practices, using the HR Best Practices Survey. The companies are scored based on 20 criteria such as talent acquisition, business strategy, performance, well-being or diversity and inclusion practices.

Apart from the areas of Business Strategy and Leadership, where Michelin obtained the highest results, the company scored over 90% in areas like people strategy, developing and measuring the performance of its employees, integrating ethics in the company’s daily activities or promoting and involving employees in sustainability dedicated actions.

Agata Trzcianowska, Personnel Director Michelin Central Europe

We see the Top Employer certification as a reward for all the work we are doing daily to ensure the best working environment and conditions for our employees and as well as an encouragement to continue with our people strategy.

As found in our company values, the respect for people is part of our DNA. It is why our employees have always been our priority and especially their health and safety during this challenging sanitary context.

Every day, we aim to help our employees create valuable careers, relevant for their skill sets. We foster transparent communication, we build offline and online connection, we empower our employees to be an active part of the company and we train the leadership team to provide the right guidance to their team members.

We constantly work on improving the overall employee experience, from the very first interview until the off-boarding and this certification shows that we are doing a good job. This is why we are a Top Employer.

Agata Trzcianowska, Personnel Director Michelin Central Europe

Michelin registered a higher score, as compared to 2020, in areas like talent acquisition and on-boarding, a great achievement of the human resources team considering the pandemic context and the major switch towards digital of the majority of our processes of recruitment and on-boarding. Other areas like learning and development and organizational culture were also scored higher than 2020. These are the result of the wide array of online classes available for employees on our internal platform and of the engaging activities that we deployed in 2020 in an effort to stay connected, remain a team despite of the lockdown or the distancing required by the sanitary context.

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