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What to expect from an online interview?


As we already know and see, our life has changed, and safety is now essential for us. Nowadays, the internet has become one of the most important tools we can use in our professional lives, to help with social distancing and with keeping us safe.


In Michelin, we have changed the way we are doing things such as working, socializing, having fun, buying presents for our colleagues. Therefore, ordering a pizza, buying a laptop, sharing a moment with a colleague, sending a picture over our instant communicator or having an interview – they are all possible in an online environment.

If you are a looking for a change in your career and you want to apply for a new job in Michelin, you just need:

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What does an online interview mean at Michelin?

Rather than having you travel to our office; we are more than eager and open to get to know you through video. But remember, online interviews are just as important for us as in person interviews. Even though we are not meeting in person, there are still some things you could do to prepare before the interview, such as:

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An online interview can be less stressful for you than an in-person one, since you are in your comfort area, at home.

When it comes down to technicalities, in Michelin we are using an important tool: the structured recruitment interview.

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What does a structured interview mean?

We care about you and it is very important for you to know that we put an emphasis on the accuracy of information you provide; we measure all the answers from the candidates with the same scale.

We also care about your professional experience and your competencies, so we will prepare some questions from this area, too.

It’s a win – win situation in terms of efficiency & effectiveness of the process and of fairness and integrity.

So, when planning your next career move, if you’re applying to a job in Michelin, bear in mind that we may get to know each other through a structured, online interview. Now you know how you can start preparing for this. To see our current opportunities, please visit our vacancies page.

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