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Keep business going (while keeping the social distance)

Even though physically apart, we continue to #StayATeam.

ABSL (The Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania) has recently given us the chance to talk about how we have handled the new working conditions, in the Covid-19 context.

Taking a look at how we are adjusting to the current situation, we wanted to underline both the things that make us unique and those that connect us all. So, this is a collective interview from the Michelin Corporate & Business Services Management Team, with all our shared experiences and different (but complementary) perspectives:

How did you adapt to the new working conditions?

Cristina Paveliu, HR Manager:

First, there was the enthusiasm of working from home and shouts of joy from my kids, who suddenly thought they were in an extended vacation. Then I realized that I had to do a lot more tasks daily, so boundaries needed to be set between work and family.

Please read the full interview here.

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