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The first dual education system class, in Prahova, realized with the support of Michelin Victoria

Michelin, together with three other companies in Prahova, started the first project in a dual education system, choosing as the beneficiary of the program the Technological High School Campina, the 9th grade, with the specialization Low voltage electricity.

Michelin has decided to invest in the development of the electrician profession. Thus, after a collaboration of almost 5 years in various educational projects, together with the teachers and the highschools in the Energy Technological High School, the Victoria plant will support 10 of the students enrolled in the dual education class, the specialization low voltage electrician, with training and practice courses held in the factory in Florești.

Students will receive a monthly scholarship during the 3 years of study. Upon graduation from the education cycle, students will receive a nationally recognized qualification diploma.

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