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Our working environments

They are many and varied, depending on the teams, needs, areas, cultures and countries.
The work environment promotes well-being at work, autonomy and empowerment but also the balance between professional and private life.

Our teams deploy new tools to support projects

To meet the challenges of innovation and competitiveness in an accelerating world, the transformation of our ways of working is fundamental.
Our We@Work approach aims to improve the experience of our employees to better develop, support them in their digital transformation and adapt their workspaces.

To accompany each one, in its diversity and its difference, it is our tools and our workspaces that adapt.

We support digital transformation on a daily basis



are connected to the internal social network, Bibspace



on our Digital Culture platform to improve our ways of working (Sales Force, Big Data, Social Networks, ...)

Digital transformation impacts us every day whatever our job.

To successfully tackle it, the Michelin Group has implemented the necessary tools to develop the employee's digital culture, in particular through the "Digital Culture" e-learning platform.

But the digital transformation is, above all, tools to exchange, create, collaborate and innovate on a daily basis.

We @ Work is a set of collaborative tools that make us progress in a fun and enjoyable way, towards more empowerment and innovation to create tomorrow.

We adapt spaces according to professional and personal needs

From our factories to our tertiary sites, from Clermont-Ferrand to Shanghai, Michelin is distinguished by a collaborative approach to modernizing living, working and rest areas.

To make you live an experience at the forefront of new ways of working tomorrow, we propose spaces offset, contemporary in the service of collective intelligence.

The spaces dedicated to conviviality, sport and relaxation will also allow you to take a deep breath.

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  • Bucharest 3
  • Bucharest 4
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