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Moving forward together, the identity of a reciprocal commitment

The development, vitality and commitment of people are at the heart of Michelin’s concerns. The “Moving Forward Together, Marking a Reciprocal Commitment” approach describes what the Company offers to its employees around the world and what it expects from them.

Reciprocal commitments in six areas

Career management

Followed by his hierarchical manager and his proximity local development partner, each employee builds his career path. With this individualized active management, Michelin accompanies its development throughout its journey

Training and development

From the integration training to the continuing preforming plan, learning is organised at each stage of the career path.

Job value

For each job posting, clear deliverables are defined. The company ensures that it offers a position that promotes continuous progress in serving its clients. Everywhere, Michelin increases the autonomy of individuals and teams.

Working life quality

Good working conditions favors the development of the talents of each individual and concrete actions, linked to the needs and specificities of each country, are put in place: home office, human services, health and medical care or safety programs, etc. to allow employees to combine work and private life, without sacrificing anything

Pay and benefits

Equitable compensation management, linked to everyone’s level of responsibility and performance, is applied. Michelin participates in the financing of a set of activities or services for the benefit of its employees and their families, in order to improve their working environment or to make life easier for them. In terms of health, foresight and retirement, Michelin complements national systems in order to provide comparable benefits in most of the countries where the Group operates. To improve the well-being of its employees at work, Michelin contributes to the establishment of activities and services that promote a balance between work and private life and helps to prevent stress.


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